Worthington Nicholls (Spain) Limited is a Spanish registered company which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Worthington Nicholls Limited. The company is involved in the development and refurbishment of properties in Mallorca, as well as operating a working Olive Oil farm in Pollenca, Mallorca and is a major shareholder in a residential & commercial building development company operated in partnership with a local developer in Alcudia, Mallorca. 


Worthington Nicholls (Spain) Limited is the owning company of Mostatxins Boutique Hotels ® and Hotel Can Mostatxins ® 



• To be seen as a ‘Best in Class’ hotel by delivering superior levels of service and guest satisfaction. 

• To provide innovative products and services as well as ensuring we deliver outstanding guest facing solutions. 

• To ensure we attract, develop and retain the highest quality employees. We want to be the hotel to work for.

• To allow staff to work as part of a team and individually to deliver continual improvement in all areas of the business.

• To provide staff with access to training and CPD opportunities. 

• To provide returns to the owners and shareholders by ensuring that all employees work within annual budgets and deliver excellent levels of profitability. 

• To develop a boutique hotel group organically or through acquisition, which is recognised within the industry as the gold standard within its field.


Mostatxins Boutique Hotels Group opened Hotel Can Mostatxins® in June 2015. This is our concept of a boutique hotel, delivered without direct market research, making it unique as it reflects the personal loves, beliefs and experiences of the owners and managers, rather than a desire to conform to or fit within an accepted norm for this style of Hotel .



The Hotel Industry has changed massively in the past 15 years globally, and in the past 5 years this has had a direct impact in the way people holiday on the Island of Mallorca.


The internet, mobile technology and user experience now define the market at the mid to high end. People want more for their money along with diversity and choice which are now at the top of their list. The advent of airbnb means people can stay in the majority of towns and cities in the world now, for a fraction of the cost of a brand hotel, with a personal touch.


The boutique hotel market is very diverse and ranges from updated b&b accommodation with a bath in the bedroom and a purple wall, right through to global chains like Malmaison and Hotel Indego selling a boutique experience to business guests without individuallity.


We have positioned Hotel Can Mostatxins at the high end within the confines of what can be achieved with the building we have. Our service is aiming for 5* plus to overcome the limitations of room size and public areas on our site.


We want to serve nice people. Our experience since the opening has shown us that most people are kind, generous, caring and really just want to be given what was promised and in most cases genuinely listened to.


PURPOSE: To deliver a return on their investment to the owners and share holders. The only way to achieve this is to look after the customer to an excellence level which exceeds their expectations. Do this and have an eye on the cost of delivery, and you will have a business which succeeds on all levels.


PEOPLE: Who is it for and what do they care about?


It is for anyone who likes to be looked after in an environment which is more home than hotel. People of this age, regardless of their age. People who are looking for an experience which is outside of the norm, who generally have three or four holidays a year, rather than one big summer break. They care about being different.



We can change how they feel by allowing them to relax, to feel at home without any pressure to conform and to listen. We don’t have many rules at all. Our spa pool is always open so people can choose when they go in, we have an honesty bar for guests to take from and pay for what they use, and we provide a breakfast which is fresh, of the season, and individually catered for by request. Our staff take a genuine interest in the guests day, their experience, and their well being.


PERCEPTION: What do they believe and what would we like them to believe about us?


We had 1000 guests in our first half season in 2015, and they were all decent, lovely, engaging people who arrive with us from various parts of the world coming from very diverse lives and background. The guests in 2015 arrived knowing we were brand new and they were the first, so they had no information on which to form beliefs. Their response to our service was a genuine response and many of them returned in 2016. Guests now arrive with a belief that we are the best, that the staff are outstanding, that the beds are comfy and the experience unique. This makes it much tougher. A bit like a pop group releasing their second album after the first went multi platinum, it will need to be better than last year, to achieve the same results!


We want them to believe we are always doing our best for them and that we care. That is all we can deliver and their reaction will be based on this and what their original expectation was. If we always aim to exceed this we will be ok.


PRODUCT: What do they want or need and how do we create value?


They want it to be the best it can be for the price they have paid, and they need it to do all the things it claims to deliver. We create value by offering a complete 5* plus service to all guests all the time.


Personal touches from freshly arranged flowers, Cava in the bedroom and 24 hour check, through to restaurant bookings and a concierge service at the same level as a big city hotel. We also ensure all of our products are of the highest standard and our guests have the time to relax and unwind in peace.




We are English, South African, Italian, Spanish and Moroccan. We are qualified, but not in running hotels. We started the business in Mallorca because we love the island, its culture and its people.



Chairman – Peter Worthington is an Ex Director of Engineering at Intercontinental Hotels Group (1960-1972) working in West Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean. He has spent the past thirty six years visiting and working on the Island of Mallorca.



Group CEO – Mark Worthington  ex CEO of an AIM quoted Plc

*For more information please contact Mark Worthington on UK mobile 00 (44) 7515 676392